What’s Involved?


At ARQ our dogs are everything. They are not for sale, they are not free, they are not for first in best dressed, they are not kept in cages, they are not treated like a number. We seek the very best in veterinary care, we thoroughly screen our applicants and they are not ‘sold’ to the first person who applies. Our dogs are unique, individual and every one of them is special in their own way. We pride ourselves on looking for the very best home for them.


Animal Rescue Qld's adoption process:


ARQ has an adoption application process that ensures we find the right home for each of our animals. This is not just for the well being of the animal, but it’s also for the happiness of the family adopting a new pet into their home. We want your experience to be the very best it can be, both during the application process, and also with your new family member at home.


Often, we may have multiple families applying to adopt the same animal. We will allow a maximum of three great homes to apply simultaneously and meet. From those meet and greets with the foster family and the dog, we then make the difficult decision as to who is the best adopter in each case. Often the actual pet helps us choose - we watch interactions closely between the dog and the kids, adults and other dogs as applicable and make the best decision we can from there. It is very important that the whole family attends the meets - adults, kids and other pets. We need to make sure everyone is ready and happy with the new family member, as is the foster dog going to fit in with your already established home. 


If you go through our adoption process to the meet and greet stage and happen to miss out on adopting one of our dogs, we take this into consideration and fast track your approval process for your next preference. Hopefully a perfect match can be found! 

To apply to adopt any of our animals, please fill in the adoption form. This form must be completed as part of your adoption application, and we may need to ask or gather further information from you during the process. A representative of ARQ will be in contact with you as soon as possible to discuss your application. Please note you may be asked to provide photographs of your home, backyard, other animals and where you are intending for your new family member to sleep! To speed your application process up, it is requested that you have these photographs ready to send shall we ask for them. Remember, we love our pets and we want only the best for them and for our families adopting.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email our Adoption Coordinator. Please note, this form does not replace the adoption application shall you wish to adopt. Click here to fill out the adoption application.

What happens when you adopt?


Animal Rescue Qld adoptions all have a 14 day settling in period. So that means that once you have been approved to adopt and completed the payment process, then you collect your new family member and take them home for 2 weeks to make sure it's a perfect fit. If things are not working out at any time in that first 2 weeks, you can return the dog to us and a full refund of your adoption fee is given (minus a small admin fee). This is just part of the piece of mind we have when you adopt a dog from Animal Rescue Qld. 

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