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BAILEY needs your help!

Meet Bailey. Just wee little pup (the runt) who was born on the 2nd November, to Golden Retriever mum Maddison with his 7 other siblings. He was only 350g when born. Sadly, Bailey has a cleft palate, which means he's unable to suckle from mum, and without humans feeding him, he will die. 


This little guy was swiftly placed on tube feeds every 2hours, day and night. On the 6th November, we saw the vet and the vet specialist. He has quite the journey ahead if he is going to make it. Firstly, we need to ensure he keeps thriving - gaining weight and doing all normal puppy things as he grows. He spends his time with his brothers and sisters and his mum actively looks after him, even if she can't feed him. His feeding will need to be human assisted and provided until he is about 14-16 weeks of age. 

At 14-16 weeks of age, he will then be strong enough for surgery. He will need an initial operation, an early estimate of about $3,000. This will be to repair his hard and soft palate. The specialist has suggested that we need to prepare that he may indeed need multiple surgeries - perhaps another 1-2, at cost of approximately $1,500 per follow up operation. 


Our goal we need to get the first surgery for Bailey: $3,000

We also need supplies of formula for him - we are using Wombaroo and if you would like to donate to cover a box, please donate on the paypal image below. Alternatively, click here to order online and have it sent to us at: Animal Rescue Qld, PO Box 3298, Bracken Ridge 4017.

Please help us help Bailey - this pup is as sweet as they come and has a string will to live. And with your kind donation, we can give that to him!

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