Meet Cooper


Name: Cooper

Age: 7yrs

Sex: Male

Breed: Amstaff x Mastiff

Location: Gold Coast

Adoption Fee: $95 



Meet Cooper: Cooper has been our family dog since he was a puppy (now 7) and has spent approximately 1 year at dog obedience until such time as he outgrew the training. He is great with food (will sit and wait on his mat), you can also take the bowl away from him mid feast, you can even take food from his mouth if you really need to ie chewing something he shouldn't. (he has poor digestion with cooked meat: canned food or rolls, and cannot be given large bones as he swallows too big a chunks of bone). His diet consists of primarily chicken drumsticks, offal and grain-free biscuits with the occasional veg as well as bone broth and raw sardines/small fish as a treat.


Cooper is quite obedient but also boisterous and can easily get over excited. He is of a dominant and protective nature and therefore guards the house very well until one of us are at the door and instruct him to be 'at ease' where we walks away and waits to great our guests. He is quite good on the lead, but also very strong, this is something we are yet to master. Cooper is a dog that needs constant boundaries and limitations as he is relentless with testing, otherwise he is an absolute couch potato and loves to be where we are. He is not a runner (unless distracted), he actually goes very well off lead if there are no distractions, and he will not jump a fence. He loves attention and is very loyal. 


Cooper also has a cat brother - if someone wanted to take them together, that would be acceptable. Cooper is staying with his family until a suitable home is found and we would like him to go to an experienced dog handler who will give Cooper the boundaries he needs in order to remain a good dog. We are also happy for any new owners to 'trial' Cooper.

Adoption fee includes: Desexing, up to date vaccinations, microchipped. 

Cooper is part of our assisted rehoming program. ARQ take no responsibility for the information provided, the vet records available or any return / rehoming guarantees. Please discuss this direct with the owner when you meet them. 


If interested in meeting at the home, please fill in an adoption application at and we will be in contact.


Please note, we do not offer distance adoptions at this stage - so if you can't get to SEQ with the whole family to meet at the foster home (parents, kids and other dogs if applicable), please take a look at the dogs available in your local area.

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