The Last Litter Program with ARQ. 

At ARQ, we understand that sometimes accidents happen. And when this does, we are here to help. Whelping puppies is not for the inexperienced. It can seem like a wonderful experience, but the reality is so many things can go wrong that can cause puppy deaths as well as risk the life of the mother dog too. Lets not also forget the expense of feeding the extra mouths, clean up, the time and energy needed and then - there's having to pay for the vet appointments and legally required vet work, apply for a breeder registration. And if this wasn't enough - taking phone calls to pick the right homes and having people come to visit them. 

It's exhausting! It's expensive! We can help!

If you need help with the whelping and puppies, but you would like to keep your family pet, then this program might be perfect for you.

  • We can take your pregnant dog into our care in a foster home (not a cage or pound or shelter) and look after them through the process as they were our own. Our team of carers have had extensive experience whelping litters and also with complications that arise during and shortly after birth. 

  • When you go through the last litter program with ARQ, we will cover the costs of all the expenses, which includes but is not limited to any vet appointments, X-rays, ultrasounds. We will also pay for and provide all food and supplies as needed, including medication, flea and wormer while in our care. 

  • During the birth, we will provide and cover the costs for any vet work as needed, including but not limited to emergency care while whelping or cesarians if needed during whelping. 

  • When the puppies arrive, we will provide all care and cover all the costs including but not limited to worming every 2 weeks, appropriate nutritional puppy food, puppy pads and suitable toys and engagement for adequate socialisation and learning.  

  • We will safely and appropriately expose the puppies to household living, other animals and provide plenty of human contact to ensure that they grow into well balanced, well socialised little dogs. 

  • When it's time to find them new homes (not before 8 weeks of age), we will advertise them for adoption and screen the new homes thoroughly. This includes written applications and meets in person. We will also pay for all the vet work as needed to ensure they're ready for a new home. This includes but is not limited to vaccinations, microchipping (required by law) and also desexing, so the new owners don't have to worry about accidental litters in the future. We will also use our breeder number - which we have and is required by law. ​

You get to keep your family pet!

When the pups have spent a minimum of 8 weeks with mum, we will then return her to you. She will stay with you for 2-4 weeks as her milk dries up. This is to ensure she is then ready to be desexed safely after her puppy raising. We will then organise with you to bring her to our vet in Brisbane to be desexed, at our cost. 

What if the pups are already born?

Yes, you can still take part in our last litter program. As long as the pups are no older than 4 weeks and you have not rehomed any of them, we will still take in your litter and momma dog and do the rest from there. We will place them in a foster home until 8 weeks of age, cover all the costs of raising and rehoming the pups and still return the momma dog to you, all while covering the costs of vet work and desexing etc. 

What now?

If this sounds like something you'd like for your pregnant dog, or your young litter of puppies, then please get in contact with us, and we can talk you through the process from there. Email us.


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