Meet Lilly Pilly


Name: Lilly Pilly

DOB: 18 May 2016

Sex: Female

Breed: Silky Terrier x Shih Tzu

Location: Brisbane

Adoption Fee: $1395



Meet Lilly Pilly - one of the sweetest girls you could hope to meet. This girl is a total sweetheart and she deserves the very best of homes. She loves to be loved, lives to be an inside lap lady and really just wants a quiet home with all the creature comforts. She's been surrendered to us through no fault of her own and she is now looking for a place to call home. She's probably smaller than you'd imagine from looking at her pics - she could even have some chihuahua in her genes perhaps. She has some special needs, so please read and consider the following before sending an application. 

When Lilly arrived, she was pretty scared of the world and everything around her. She stopped eating, stayed in the safety of her crate (with the door open) and apparently this was behaviour that she had done in the past. We quickly got her onto some natural anxiety tablets and she has since really blossomed. She is far more confident, happy and engaged in her little routine. She still has many things that she doesn't like so much, but we are confident that she will fit into a new home and be very happy (and in return make her new humans equally just as delighted). 

Lilly's list:
1. She would like someone who is home a bit. Her favourite activity is snuggling on the couch, so having a human lap to lay on is a big thing for her.
2. She would like to be allowed in your bed. Again - she loves to be close so this is a big tick. She does have a crate she likes to sleep in through the day and this is her "safe zone". More will be advised on a meet and greet with her. She must have access to her crate. 
3. She absolutely needs to be an inside girl - putting this girl outside alone is a huge no no.

4. She needs a backyard - she likes to wander outside and will happily go to the loo outside as long as she has a doggy door / access. 5. She does bark a little when she is stressed or there's a reason, so she is not suitable for unit / apartment / high density living unfortunately.

6. She doesn't like kids, at all. I know your kids might be lovely, but kids stress Lilly a lot and no one wants her to have to live in a stressful environment.
7. Lilly also finds it hard in a busy or loud home. So if you run a business from home with clients coming and going for example - this is not the home for her. She will bark every time there is an alert and this isn't fun for anyone (including your clients).

8. Lilly is OK with other very small dogs who are very quiet. She gets incredibly scared by new dogs and those who want to play with her. She will sort of interact with a dog she knows very well, but she has an incredible fear of dogs that are young, playful, active, boisterous and more than about 5kilos in size. She would delight in being on her own, as long as her humans were home a bit too. 
9. Lilly takes medication every day and this MUST be continued. She is the happier, more balanced confident girl because of this medication. To take her off it thinking she will be OK will only cause her further stress. Before she started the meds she would pee and poo herself in fear. Yes, she would survive without the meds, but she will experience more fear and again - no one wants that. So please, keep her on the meds - she takes one capsule very willingly every night with a tiny bit of cheese, they cost $28 a month, you can have them delivered to your door and you don't need a vet script as they're natural (they're called Zylkene and more information will be given at a meet and greet, and your own vet should continue to guide and advise you on this medication). If you're against medications like these for animals, then Lilly is not your girl. 

Now, if you've read this far - let us just clarify - Lilly is honestly delightful and whoever gets to adopt her will be so incredibly happy. She wouldn't hurt a fly and she is the most loving little miss going. She does need someone active and mobile as she loves to go for short walks and play in the yard, so those over 65 years wouldn't be ideal. She has some anxieties and fears and she needs the right home. We know it's out there - but we will be ensuring she is the right fit for everyone (you and for her). If you think you can give her a wonderful home for the rest of her life, please send an adoption application through so we can take a look at your home set up etc. She is only open to homes in and around Brisbane as a property check may be required. 


Adoption fee includes: Desexing, up to date vaccinations, microchipped, wormed, flea and heart worm treated, vet checked and one month FREE pet insurance. A discount of vaccinations and also a discount on grooming. Our dogs also go out on a 14 day settling in period to ensure a perfect fit.


If interested in meeting at the foster home, please fill in an adoption application at and we will be in contact.


Please note, we do not offer distance adoptions at this stage - so if you can't get to SEQ with the whole family to meet at the foster home (parents, kids and other dogs if applicable), please take a look at the dogs available in your local area.

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