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Cuddle an Animal Rescue Qld puppy at Collies & Co Samford.

We have some super exciting news to share. There's a pretty amazing group of people doing some cool things with pups over at Collie and Co in Samford, and they have chosen to foster care with ARQ - Animal Rescue Qld. Puppy cuddles, critical socialisation and training, all while seeing if your new best friend might be ready and waiting for you. Whats not to love!

If you haven't heard about this place, it's a dog friendly cafe at 14 Main Rd, Samford Village serving yummy food, great coffee and best of all - puppy cuddles!

In brief, they have a contained puppy area within the cafe grounds and run puppy sessions for those enjoying a bite to eat (for the best interests of the pups, these are limited in time and people numbers - bookings are essential). They are operated by very experienced reputable border collie breeders - Zaryliam Border Collies who are registered with Dogs Qld and follow Puppy Culture protocols when it comes to the critical socialization period of pups. Within the full time staff they have 2 vet nurses, 3 full time cert III dog trainers and in addition the Samford Valley vet hospital is located right next door.

ARQ does not have any problems or concerns with reputable registered breeders - we work with backyard breeders with our last litter program - please feel free to ask more questions about the differences if you'd like. 

As we know, rescue pups in particular can sometimes be shy and lack the positive exposure needed in the critical socialisation period (3-12 weeks). Working with Collies and Co means our rescue pups can get some incredible training and partake in the puppy cuddle sessions run by the trainers and vet nurses. We hope that these days will ensure the pups get some extra exposure to positive experiences in order to assist them in becoming well balanced happy adult dogs. 

I can hear you say "what about vaccinations and diseases" and rightly so - this was also high on our questions list too. The area is quarantined for disease control and they follow a very detailed infection and disease protocol (see here). But in brief, while you can take your dog to the cafe, only the pups and known adult dogs (i.e staff dogs) are allowed in the contained area.

For the humans, there is a foot dip on the way in, sanitiser up to your elbows and regular cleaning of the area with vet grade disinfectant which kills everything, including parvo. Kids are supervised and must be sitting on the ground to interact with pups. Each session only lasts for 15minutes before a change over, and in total only goes for 1 hour before having a rest break in between. There are a maximum of 3 sessions a day, spread out between 7am and 2pm. The risk of contracting anything nasty (such as parvo) is minimal, however the benefits of socialisation are massive. In addition, our pups would have usually had at least one vaccination (providing some immunity) before joining in on the sessions. 


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