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REUBEN needs your help!

Meet Reuben - just a young Labrador pup with heart of gold. When we first bought him into care, he showed no signs of pain but had a bit of a "funny walk". X-rays confirmed the worst - here's some words from our vet: 

"Rueben was presented with very severe outward rotation of both hips

on 8th Feb 2018. Both femoral necks had been previously fractured and

were left untreated for several months by his former owner. As a result

the femoral heads [or the ball part of the ball and socket joint] had lost

blood supply and were necrosing [or dieing]. Both hip joints were very

severely degenerative causing this outwardly rotated crab-like gait.

We consulted with veterinary specialists and total hip replacements

were not possible for Rueben. The surgical procedure advised for

improvement in his condition was a femoral head and neck ostectomy

which were performed on separate occasions on 28.2.18 [left side] and

28.3.18 [right side]. He has made considerable improvement with his gait since then. Rueben should be able to live a good life." 

Reuben has made a full recovery and is enjoying life to the full! But now, we need to help raise the funds for his surgeries. He is the kindest young lad, excellent manners and deserves every bit of a wonderful life we have now been able to provide!

Our goal we need to cover surgery for Reuben: $2900

Please help us help Reuben

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