Spay & Neuter Program

With the help of our kind supporters, and the support of our vet, ARQ have a Spay & Neuter program that means we can occasionally (as funds permit) offer significantly discounted desexing of dogs and cats (in SEQ) to those who are otherwise unable to afford this for their animals. 

If you're thinking about applying for the ARQ Spay and Neuter program, please be considerate. If you can afford to pay your veterinarian's normal fees, it is important that you do so. The ARQ Spay and Neuter program is designed for pet owners in genuine financial need, not those who are simply looking for 'the best deal'.

Things you need to know:

If you are successful in your application, and we have the funds to assist you, we require an upfront fee of $50 towards the spay/neuter to book your surgery day. 

The subsidised $50 neutering only includes the cost for desexing. If your cat or dog is pregnant, in season or has undescended testicles, there may be additional costs. Also any optional extras such as pre op blood tests, fluids, extra pain relief, an elizabethan collar etc are at your own expense. Please ensure you ask the vet clinic about these additional costs and/or optional services prior to your surgery day so you avoid unexpected costs. 

ARQ assumes no risk for the health of your pet or for the outcome of the surgery.

To be considered, you must have a health care / concession / pension card and be able to show proof. Additional consideraton is given to hardship cases, senior citizens, disabled persons and multiple pet households. These are handled case by case. 

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